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The Mays Boys Take A Pay Cut?


With 1,800 human beings kicked out of their jobs and on the cold winter streets now comes word the Clear Channel boy toys are taking a voluntary pay cut to something that still keeps them in Ferrari territory.

When I told another radio friend of mine he asked “if the company is in such trouble why don’t the Mays Monsters drop the corporate jets out of the sky and work for $1.00 a year?”

Why don’t they?

I think you know the reason dear reader. It’s because the Mays Monsters don’t give a shit about the people who work for them. They never have and they never will no matter how many bullshit emails they and their stooge John Hogan send out trying to give a rectal exam to the workforce left in the company. This attitude, along with bad programing, has been part of the company since old man Mays and Red McCome started Clear Channel with WOAI in San Antonio.

Think 1,800 people out is bad?¬† Heir Hogan told assembled employees the firings on Inauguration Day were only the first wave. The second wave has yet to come. How would you like going to work everyday with the Mays’ grand economic plan hanging over your head.

Never mind that. In the end they Mays Monsters will walk out of their gigs with a pair of Rolex watches and a boot load of cash. And the little people–fuck them and let them eat cake.


What Is This?


This is an insider’s view of the raw, running open sewer which passes for the media and radio today. All tips are welcome no sources will be revealed. Look out corporate America we’re here to blow the whistle on your fowl and sick effort to ruin radio and the media– as the public once knew it–in pursuit of pure profits.

How often will we blog?

This is a collective effort by a number of us with long histories in the media. There are no guarantees as to how much we’ll blog so you’ll want to check back often.

Most of us in broadcasting, especially radio, have been fucked long enough. It’s time to fight back. The public deserves a better media, and the people in broadcasting deserve better treatment.

Keep¬† your dukes up corporate America because we’re here and ready to slug it out.