Anybody remember when radio was fun? When you couldn’t wait to go in and work on the product? You’d do the ” job” for free (although you wouldn’t want your boss to know that) because you were doing something you loved.

 Now, the alarm clock goes off and I curse the empty Bain suits who make us do our jobs with one arm tied behind our backs.  It’s like we’re all on death row; our execution date is unknown, but it’s coming.

These greedy bastards want us to believe we should be grateful that we still have jobs. Most of us would quit if we could go across the street. But they own those stations too.

They made our holidays miserable by dangling the Sword of Damocles over our collective heads. Merry Fucking Christmas. Happy Haunkah my ass. I don’t know about you and your family, but we were afraid to spend a nickel on gifts for our kids, fearing we might need the money to put food on the table if Bain left a pink slip under the tree.

There was a time when there was a tacit agreement between employee and employer. You worked your ass off, you were taken care of with job security and maybe even a pension. You were treated with respect, and you gave it right back in unwavering loyalty to your employer.

Now the rumors are rampant. There could be a second and even third wave of layoffs, courtesy of Bain (aka Mr. Potter). Our cluster is survivor island. It’s dog eat dog.  Management, which is as scared as the rest of us, communicates to everybody on a need to know basis. You can’t get an answer to “Is my job safe or should I start looking?” The suits repond with “We have a job to do and should not allow things we can’t control to sidetrack us from working hard for the company.”

Baaaa! Do they think we’re sheep? We know we’re headed to the slaughterhouse. We’re all looking for a way out.  We didn’t get into radio to be turned into time clock punchers. Product be damned. Morale sucks.  We practically trample each other to the copy machine to crank out resumes. Show prep? Who has time when we’re Googling for gigs? And preoccupied with the latest rumors about who might be getting it next.

Loyalty to Clear Channel/Bain? Fuck you.


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