Could Radio Do Better?

Let me make it short and sweet: could radio do better? There’s so much other media to contend with now. Radio is not the only store on the block.

So if you want people to come to your store you better have something to sell. Radio flunks out on all counts.

Turn the radio on. The music stations are voiced tracked and sound like hell. The talk stations continue their bland fair with right-wing yelling from syndicated shows.

In the middle of radio’s programing meltdown you have companies like Clear Channel and Citadel firing people who create great content.

So why should people come sample your product when they can sample their own by Ipod or so many other choices out there?

They won’t and by the time radio wakes up to this sad fact the people who have made this mess will be long gone–their pockets line with cash made on other people’s misery.

All of the above is sad but true.

See you on the unemployment line very soon.


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