Blah, Blah Blago

WLS-AM/Chicago, a once respectable and great sounding station, offers Blago an airshift if he’ll resign as gov of IL. WRKO in Boston lets a former politician take over morning drive. An FM music station in L.A. puts a comedian in drive time.

What do those stations have in common? Short term thinking. Go for a big name with no radio experience and hope the initial wave of publcity brings ratings and revenue. It seldom ever does.

Shame on the owners and their station puppets. They crapshoot on “names” because they drained the talent pool.  A guy or gal who would’ve moved into morning  drive from afternoons, nights or even overnights–after dues paying–doesn’t exist anymore, replaced by syndication.  

And thanks, owners, for failing to experiment and/or develop talent on the weekends. You’ve decided to fill Saturdays and Sundays with what Monday-Friday cume really wants to hear–hour after hour of infomercials hosted by snakeoil salesmen, or brokered (meaning paid for) programming hosted by the somnolent local insurance agency owner or the mortgage broker.  Now THAT’s great programming! How long before they buy their way into drive times to replace the big names that bombed?

These greedy owners should be brought up for crimes against humanity (listeners).  Let’s light torches,  march on their corporate offices and demand that they turn themselves in to us for proper justice.

I’ll let you decide what their punishment should be. I have my own ideas, most of which would make waterboarding seem tame.


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